Karthik Sridhar

Entrepreneur, geek, father

The Ideapreneur

Ideas are an oft berated subject. Berated, because ideas that never see the light of the day have earned a bad rep for the rest of the ideas that still hold potential. Since ideas can only exist in people’s minds, there is this unspoken, rarely acknowledged, discrimination against ideas in general because, usually, the ability of the person whose mind holds that idea, is questionable.

Now its not the fault of the person either. He knows only so much. In his entire life, leading up to the moment when the “idea” dawned on him, he pushed himself only as much as his means allowed him to.

Great, so he has an idea. Its gotten him motivated. He would like to get it done. But he’s not sure if he himself can do it. What about asking for help?

Now what?

Usually, the man with the idea, shops around to see if it sticks. Usually the people he is shopping around this idea with, have similar...

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